Listen to Mima Good’s Good Girl EP

It’s a difficult pop record about living through abuse.

April 25, 2018
Listen to Mima Good’s <i>Good Girl</i> EP

Mima Good, whose real name is Raechel Rosen and stage name is an amalgam of murdered witches from the Salem era, released her debut EP today, Good Girl. It's a bluesy pop record a few years in the making that deals with abuse in her prior band, at the hands of a previous partner and bandmate.


It's a super-personal EP, most directly cutting on "My Demon," with its dark chorus "I love my demon, my demon loves me." In a recent interview she said the song "literally came to me in a dream about my abuser — we were both sprinting toward each other ready to fight. Right before I reached him I woke with the first verse and chorus in my head."

Listen to Mima Good’s Good Girl EP