Seth Scott’s new video is weird and wonderful

The London based composer’s Cathedral Ruins of The Old You EP is out April 27 on Vegyn’s PLZ Make It Ruins.

April 27, 2018

Seth Scott is a London-based composer and the latest artist to release brain-expanding electronic music on 23-year-old Frank Ocean producer Vegyn's label, PLZ Make It Ruins. Scott's new EP, the excellently titled Cathedral Ruins of The Old You, is out today (April 27) and to celebrate he is premiering a video on The FADER.


The very Aphex Twin-esque track title "elxr_Track3_v2.3" is Scott's exploration of pop music. As a student of electronic music and electroacoustic composition, however, what comes out is something more reminiscent of Arca than a Billboard hit single. It is accompanied by a video in which Scott tests out face recognition technology, creating footage that is half surreal art installation and half BTS footage from Avatar.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Scott said: "'Track3' is a mashup of all of the stuff that excites me about pop music. It’s not so much the content of pop, as the sheen or surface that I find most thrilling. The real estate of lyrics, chords, and top-lines is so often totally anodyne, but there’s always this luxury of frequencies, precise and objective, but also completely sexy and dazzling. I’m not trying to deconstruct pop music, or satirise it or anything like that. It’s more about uncovering the mechanics of it, and playing around with the innards. Taking bits and stretching them out, trying to make them last just a little bit longer, or sound a just bit more spectacular."

Cathedral Ruins of The Old You EP is out now via PLZ Make It Ruins.
Seth Scott’s new video is weird and wonderful