Christina Aguilera teases long-awaited return to music

Some fans think she’s releasing an album called Liberation.

May 01, 2018

On Tuesday, Christina Aguilera tweeted a new video suggesting she might be returning to music soon. In a 14-second clip, set to a violin, the pop star explains: "I feel in life, when you get to a place where you feel so comfortable and so routine, then, you know, you have to stop and start from scratch." Then she lights a match.


Tuesday's tweet follows a previous mysterious video from this weekend, which featured 12 screens that fans believe represent 12 tracks. On Saturday, she appeared to preview the album for those tracks during a live show in Baku. Last month, she appeared on the cover of Paper's "Transformation" issue.

Aguilera's last release was 2012's Lotus. She has since been an occasional judge on The Voice.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize.

Christina Aguilera teases long-awaited return to music