Don’t get Punk’d, watch Sports Team’s “Kutcher” video instead

The U.K. band shares its very British new visual.

May 08, 2018
"Kutcher" is available now. Sports Team play London's Scala on September 19.

When Sports Team's new single reaches it's highest point, the line "I just want to be your mid-noughties MTV star" bursts out of frontman Alex Rice. It's a relatable thought. Who, after all, hasn't wished at some point in their life that they were transplanted back to 2005 and the era of Pimp My Ride, Room Raiders, My Super Sweet 16, and Punk'd?

It's Ashton Kutcher specifically that is the focus of Sports Team's song, a bratty and scratchy indie-rock anthem which brings the band in line with fellow rising Brits such as Shame and The Magic Gang.

The accompanying video, directed by Kris Rimmer, sees the sprawling group land in rural England, bouncing off the walls of a cricket pavillion, a laundromat, and an indoor swimming pool. At no point does anyone make Justin Timberlake cry but not everything can be Punk'd.

Speaking to The FADER via email, the band said: "“We asked for Waterworld, they budgeted for 4 widths of a school pool. It’s come out well though. It's pretty tough to look cool underwater.”

Check out the "Kutcher" video above.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Phil Smithies.

Don’t get Punk’d, watch Sports Team’s “Kutcher” video instead