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Watch Daye Jack explore the glory of the suburbs in a new mini-doc

“A homage to the places and the people that made me who I am — and who I’m gonna be.”

June 20, 2018

"I don't take for granted growing up in the suburbs," says the nimble, genre-curving, Atlanta-by-way-of Nigeria rapper and songwriter Daye Jack. "The energy behind all the music comes from from having new appreciation for everything I had growing up. How much of a blessing it was to have the family that I have."


The hidden beauty that lies beneath even the most familiar situations is the animating spirit behind Suburban Weekend, a new mini-documentary premiering today on The FADER. The wide streets and McMansions that define the suburban landscape might look basic on first glance, but seen from a different angle —like that of Daye Jack's mother, who was raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria—seem more like signs of the promised land. The short film makes this new angle literal, with God's-eye views of lush, tree-lined sidewalks and endlessly branching cul-de-sacs revealing a new perspective on what kind of spaces inspire an artist.

Says Daye Jack: "To me, repeating the same day over and over again makes it so when something special happens, you remember it. It's the same thing with Suburbia. You have a structure. But there's little things that stick out."

Watch the full doc above.

Daye Jack’s new single “Heart Shaped Culdesac” was just released today. It’s the first taste from his upcoming album Black To The Culdesac, scheduled to drop sometime in Fall 2018. See the video for “Heart Shaped Culdesac” here.
Watch Daye Jack explore the glory of the suburbs in a new mini-doc