Jaden Smith goes on a Tokyo adventure in “GHOST” video

He explains why he listens to Hov when he wants to grow.

June 21, 2018

Jaden Smith returns today with a visual for his new song "GHOST." In the clip, he walks around the streets Tokyo with a group of tight friends and makes sure to leave a lasting sartorial impression.


In a phone interview with FADER from Budapest, Smith wanted to tell everyone to try and absorb some of the energy from the video. "I encourage everyone to go to Japan," he said. "Specifically to Tokyo, to just have fun and adventure around. It's the number one place I recommend in the world to go to. Please, everybody to to Tokyo and have fun there because it's amazing."

On the song, he raps "When I want to grow I listen to Hov," and when asked about it, he explained that he feels everyone needs to listen to more classic MCs who kick knowledge and "talk about real deal stuff."

Reflecting on advice he's gotten from JAY-Z, he shared a key anecdote. "After I released my last album, I wanted to take a next step further and evolve," he said. "I decided to talk to Hov and he told me he thought the album was cool and he said as I got older I would space out my verses more and I'd say more with less. That's the total inspiration behind my next album. He's also the head honcho at the label. Starting a record label MSFTS just did it that would only be possible with Roc Nation and Hov."

Watch the clip above.

Jaden Smith goes on a Tokyo adventure in “GHOST” video