Watch Luke Winslow-King’s “Chicken Dinner”

Beautiful, everyday America video from a classic-style blues man.

June 29, 2018

Are y’all watching Joe Pera Talks With You? If you’re not so lucky to have seen yet, it's a semi-informational comedy starring a grandfatherly young guy from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who explains things — he’s lonely and puppy-dog sad yet always in awe of the world and its weird wonders, be they mineral deposits or the feeling of dancing at a wedding. Anyway, that’s what “Chicken Dinner” does for me. Makes me happy about regular stuff.

Luke Winslow-King is a classic-style blues man, and “Chicken Dinner” comes from his new album on Bloodshot Records, Blue Mesa. The sweet, idyllic song was co-written with New Orleans blues legend Lissa Driscoll, who passed away last year. “The video commemorates my recent move back to my hometown of Cadillac, Michigan, from New Orleans and a return to simplicity,” Winslow-King says. “It takes time to appreciate municipal recreational events that may not be in vogue, but are at the core of authentic American life.” Shot beautifully too. Just such a perfect feeling.

Buy Luke Winslow-King’s Blue Mesa album here.


Watch Luke Winslow-King’s “Chicken Dinner”