Muncie Girls debut a giddy-sounding punk song about how society is fucked

Watch a video for “Locked Up” from the U.K. trio’s sophomore album, Fixed Ideals.

August 01, 2018

Later this month, the very good and somewhat underrated U.K. trio Muncie Girls will release their second full-length record, Fixed Ideals. Today The FADER is debuting "Locked Up," a wordy, singsongy punk tune from that album's second half. On the track, frontperson Lande Hekt rattles off some of the troubling fixtures of our capitalist, heteronormative society that discourage individuality. The music sounds giddy but the message is impassioned — and, ultimately, a little bit bleak.


"I’ve never felt like I fit in to ‘normal’ life and I often find myself trying to make sense of it," Hekt explained of the song in an email. "I wrote a list of a lot of things that I find bizarre and overwhelming about (my version of) society that we’re expected to not only accept, but celebrate. It has a lot to do with growing up as well, and the horrors of being a weird teenage girl."

"The chorus is about how we get trapped by what we don’t question, but it’s also about the prison system and it’s about being claustrophobic, which was in part inspired by my love of the song 'Franklin Prison Blues' by Onsind," Hekt continued. "The guitar riff at the start I came up with when I was listening to a lot of the Replacements."

Fixed Ideals comes out on Specialist Subject and Buzz Records on August 31.

Muncie Girls tour dates:


9/26 - Manchester - The Deaf Institute
9/27 - Birmingham - The Cuban Embassy
9/28 - Nottingham - Rock City Basement
9/29 - Newcastle - The Think Tank - Underground
9/30 - Glasgow - The Garage - Attic
10/1 - London - Borderline
10/2 - Norwich - The Waterfront
10/3 - Southampton - The Joiners
11/05 Brooklyn - Elsewhere Zone One
11/06 Philadelphia - Boot & Saddle
11/7 Boston - O'Briens
11/09 Toronto - The Baby G
11/11 Chicago - Cobra Lounge
11/13 Seattle - The Funhouse
11/14 Portland - Hawthorne Theatre Lounge
11/17 Los Angeles - Bootleg Bar

Thumbnail photo by Robin Christian

Muncie Girls debut a giddy-sounding punk song about how society is fucked