Jockstrap imagine a sequel to a classic Louis Theroux doc on “Hayley”

Watch the London duo’s debut video now.

September 05, 2018

Since the late 1990s British filmmaker Louis Theroux has built a cult-like status around his work, which ranges from documentaries on UFOs to much darker looks into alcoholism and the industrial prison system. London duo Jockstrap have taken influence from an early film, 2003's Louis and The Brothel, for their debut single "Hayley." The loungey and lightly psychedelic synth-pop tune is premiering above.


The duo, 20-year-olds Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, were inspired by Theroux's investigation into the world of sex workers in the United States and imagined a follow-up to the film delving deeper into the chemistry between Theroux and Hayley, a charismatic sex worker he met during the filming.

Explaining more via email, Ellery told The FADER: "Themes include reality vs fantasy, irony, finding love in a hopeless place. The video was filmed in a day on my street and in my flat by Charlie Melville. Everyone in the video is a band member or a very good friend. The best thing about this video is the acting. almost all of the cast felt uncomfortable acting out what I wanted. But thats when the movie magic happens baby. The track is about Hayley, a prostitute working on a ranch in Nevada. She is very charismatic, sexy; Louis falls for her immediately. She was worth a song, and a back story, I thought."

Thumbnail image courtesy of Holly Whitaker.

Jockstrap imagine a sequel to a classic Louis Theroux doc on “Hayley”