10 songs you need in your life this week

A guide to the tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

Photographer Tyler Mitchell
September 18, 2018
10 songs you need in your life this week

Each week The FADER staff rounds up the songs we can't stop playing. Here they are, in no particular order.


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Lil Uzi Vert, "New Patek"

"NEW PATEK ON MY WRIST / WHITE DIAMONDS THEM SHITS PINK." It's finally here, and it's on repeat.

Lana Del Rey, "Mariners Apartment Complex"

Queen Lana returns with "Mariners Apartment Complex," a strummy guitar and piano ballad with just the right amount of Lana-style wistfulness.

Noname ft. Phoelix, "Window"

This simplest way I can describe this aching, beautiful song, is that it's like the first time you open an old music box — precious, and wonder-filled.

Mariah Carey, "GTFO"

The entire vibe of Mariah Carey's new single is the passive aggressive smiley face emoji next to the knife emoji — I love it.

Objekt, "Secret Snake"

If there ever was an underground Pokémon level wherein hid many secret snakes, this would be the theme song.

Kero Kero Bonito, "Make Believe"

The gag is Kero Kero Bonito is singing about sleeping and dreaming, but their latest song is a syringe full of sugar straight into the bloodstream.

Pale Waves, "Drive"

Race down the highway with the windows down and blast this song. It is also OK if you cry a little bit.

Octavian, "Stand Down"

I very much appreciate Octavian's inspirational intro before "Stand Down" which contains the wholesome line: "It's nice to be important / But it's more important to be nice."

Masego, "I Had A Vision"

Maybe, for this jazz-trap Masego cut, roll a big one, find your way up to a roof, and hit play. Saxophone is good for stargazing.

girl in red, "girls"

This sweet song about girls loving girls by Norwegian pop songmaker girl in red came out a while ago, but the EP just dropped, which reminded me: the bridge still makes my heart flutter.

10 songs you need in your life this week