Imagining a misogyny-free future with Kohinoorgasm

Watch "Chalo,” a new video by Desi-American artist Kohinoorgasm.

October 17, 2018

Kohinoorgasm's video for the song "Chalo" feels like a hazy, beautiful dream, the kind you carry with you into the day even after waking up. The clip, directed by Jing Niu and premiering today on The FADER, quite literally imagines a misogyny-free haven, a seaside paradise where peace reigns and art rules. The song itself, a soothing, free-floating track with angelic Hindi vocals, feels like that too. "'Chalo' celebrates cultures of queer femme mutual support and queer femme abundance despite misogyny's attempts to deplete us of our power and magic," explains Kohinoorgasm. Hear, hear!

Imagining a misogyny-free future with Kohinoorgasm