Tre Mission marks his return with “Hockey”

Watch the new video below.

December 01, 2018

Some years may have passed since the release of Tre Mission's deubt album Stigmata, but the Toronto-born grime MC and producer has officially made his return with "Hockey", the lead single from his upcoming album Orphan Black.


Despite laying low as far as solo projects and singles go, he's been busy with everything from features and working with his group Tizzy Gang to racking producer credits alongside some of the biggest acts in the UK.

"Hockey" plays like a warning shot, and it's pared down but high impact video finds the rapper in something of a blue haze throughout the clip. It's not easy to find the cool in Canada's national sport, but Tre Mission, as always, makes it work.

Watch the video above.

Thumbnail image via Moonbase.

Tre Mission marks his return with “Hockey”