Lydia Ainsworth returns to shake up pop with “Can You Find Her Place”

The Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based artists will share her third album Phantom Forest on May 10.

February 14, 2019

Canadian singer/songwriter Lydia Ainsworth will soon return with her third album Phantom Forest, and the video for its first single "Can You Find Her Place" is premiering today on The FADER. Ainsworth's music career since 2014 has been marked by boldly trend-defying, pageantic pop music, and "Can You Find Her Place" is one of her catchiest compositions yet.


Recalling Dirty Projectors if they had spent a few formative years in a Montreal loft, the song's electronics and Ainsworth's vocals work in tandem to catch light and color from new and exciting angles. In the video directed by Abby Ainsworth, Lydia and a group of cheerful, neo-aristocratic sprites dance regally in a set next to Grecian busts and vibing plants. Pure life.

"The album revealed itself to me as a play taking place in Mother Nature’s vanishing home, Phantom Forest," Lydia Ainsworth said in an email to The FADER. "In my song 'Can You Find Her Place' I am singing from the perspective of a Greek choir, setting the stage for Mother Nature’s reveal. The song is about all the places you can find her strength in the face of humanity’s hubris. For the video I was inspired by Botticelli's painting 'Primavera' , a mythological allegory of the fertility of the earth. In praise of Mother Nature on our day of love I dedicate this song to her."

Lydia Ainsworth returns to shake up pop with “Can You Find Her Place”