No Jumper Podcast host Adam22 attacked during livestream

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed to The FADER that the weapon used during the incident was a “movie prop gun.”

March 18, 2019
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They tried to kill me lmao

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On Sunday night, No Jumper podcast host Adam 22 — real name Adam Grandmaison — was attacked by an armed robber while recording a livestream at his Melrose Ave studio in Los Angeles, as per Motherboard.


In the clip, which has since been uploaded to social media, Grandmaison can be seen sitting in front of the stream before the assailant's arm appears in the camera frame. The robber — identified by the LAPD as David Tran — then shouts at Grandmaison to “Give me all your fucking money,” before Grandmaison is dragged out of the camera's view as a scuffle ensues.

A spokesperson for the LAPD has since confirmed to The FADER that the weapon used in the assault was a "movie prop gun." The suspect has been arrested and charged with attempted robbery by Los Angeles police.

Grandmaison was then treated by an ambulance which was called onto the scene by the officers who were present. When The FADER contacted Adam22 and asked if he had a comment on the situation, he said, "not really." When asked about the "movie prop gun" he said, "That’s crazy my friends were looking at the gun and they thought it was just old or broken or something."

Speaking to TMZ after the incident, Grandmaison explained the attacker entered the studio through a rear entrance of the store.

"There's a rear entrance to get into the store, and a close friend of mine who's armed hangs by the door the entire time just in case anything were to ever happen," Grandmaison said. "This guy snuck in after our Postmates order came."

Grandmaison also noted that he first assumed that the incident was a joke, but confirmed that it was "100% serious."

No Jumper Podcast host Adam22 attacked during livestream