Listen to a new FADER Mix by Kreayshawn

The Los Angeles-based rapper and DJ crafts a magical half hour of footwork and juke.

March 29, 2019
Listen to a new FADER Mix by Kreayshawn Courtesy of Kreayshawn

The longstanding FADER Mix series presents new, exclusive DJ mixes from our favorite artists and producers.


This week's FADER Mix comes courtesy of the legendary Los Angeles rapper and DJ, Kreayshawn, whom we at The FADER are huge fans of. Originally from the Oakland, she jumped out in 2011 with the forward-thinking "Gucci Gucci" — jubilant, irreverent and so fun, it sounds like it could've been released today.


After taking a few steps back from making music in recent years, in January 2018, she dropped "Missing Kitty," a hilarious and fire track dedicated to her cat who'd gone missing. These days, she's got hands in different projects; but life seems to be going great for Kreay. She's going to therapy, watching her plants thrive, and raising her son, who's recently been obsessed with Minecraft. Her taste, if evident by her mix, is still as sharp as ever.


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings.

Right now I am sitting at home getting ready to head to therapy. Watching my plants thrive and drinking my morning coffee while my son is at school. I have my first terrible cold in like a year right now but, I am trying to ignore it and move on with my life.

Tell us a bit about this mix. What shaped it?

I am totally obsessed with anything 80/160 BPM. Basically meaning anything that is Footwork/Juke or has that kind of rhythm. I always have anxiety about playing it when I DJ live at shows because, not everyone understands how magical it is but, I think when you listen at home it has more room for you to make sense of it. I do DJ some solely footwork events and every time I do it GOES THE FUCK UP (S/O JUKEBOUNCEWERK). So, I made this mix to kinda of tease and ease people into it if it’s something they are not familiar with.

What music has been making you excited lately?

Recently, I've been working on a sound score for Luisa Popovic’s NY fashion film. The whole theme of it is like futuristic space dystopia. So, I’ve been making lots of Burial, Lorn, William Basinski-inspired music. Lot’s of spooky off-beat transcending type music.


What does your son like to listen to?

My son loves playing Minecraft which also has inspired me musically because, Minecraft has an INSANE soundtrack. The game music is a very next level ambient/chill sound (made by C418). Right now my son’s favorite song is Mosca's "What You Came For" though. A true blap.

Has being sober changed the way you interact with and listen to music at all?

I used to drink when I would DJ and it would help me be more lit and talk on the mic more. Now I just pound like 3 redbulls and do my thing. I think being in LA makes being sober a flex in a sense. People are always kinda interested, and they like to talk about how they been thinking of getting sober. I try not to preach about it or anything. It was a personal choice for me to further my mental health. Quitting smoking weed was a huge help for me to get out of a real lazy creative routine and constant fear of art.

If you could DJ for any rapper who would it be?

I am not big on any rappers right now truly but, If I had to pick maybe ShyGirl because, her beats are so next level I feel like it would be a sick mesh of what I like to spin and her music style.



Aslamin - Outer space
Teep - Tala II
Poivre - My name is
Slick Shoota - Tommy Genesis - Tommy
Kaluma - Clap! Clap!
PEAS - Just Some Iranian Shit
Wormfinger ft. Uufd & Bruud - In Motion
Alix Perez & Taso - Andromeda
Magenta Woman Screw 3000 - Super Sluts
Fixate - Throwback Therapy
Africa HiTech - Out in the streets
OX - Bang
Kesmo - Hive
BSN Posse x Lefty x Nikes - Chicago

Listen to a new FADER Mix by Kreayshawn