Watch Los Rakas and Amara La Negra’s “Devorame”

Watch the video below.

April 06, 2019

Rap/reggaeton duo Los Rakas recently delivered their latest single and video "Devorame" featuring Amara La Negra. The video is just trippy, tropical and warm enough to pair perfectly with the song's pulsing bassline.


The song serves as the first single from the duo's forthcoming album, Manes De Negocio, due May 10. "Amara La Negra is an icon for Afro Latinas," says member Raka Dun about the collaboration. "We love her style and how she reps the culture. Los Rakas and Amara together is just plain obvious, it had to happen."

Watch the video above.

Thumbnail image via JC Olivera/Getty Images.

Watch Los Rakas and Amara La Negra’s “Devorame”