Welcome to Omar Apollo’s dream

The FADER presents a short film capturing the Indiana musician’s moment before fame.

April 11, 2019

It takes about 40 minutes to get from Hobart, Indiana to The Metro in Chicago by car. That's the time it took Omar Apollo and his friends to fulfill a dream on December 7, 2018: selling out the iconic venue they would frequent as teens to see some of their favorite acts.


Omar's buzz has grown to an undeniable volume within the last year, touching the FADER FORT stage and catching the ears of new fans across the country. To mark this special moment in his life, FADER visited Omar's home to see him and his crew prep, physically and mentally, for one of their biggest shows yet. Years To Come includes sentimental moments with his dad, a late night meal with some friends at Ruben's, rehearsal, and then the drive over to The Metro. It all pays off with a sold out performance none of them will be likely to forget.

Watch the full short film, Years To Come, above. And be sure to catch him on tour now through June in the states.

Welcome to Omar Apollo’s dream Scott Perry  
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Welcome to Omar Apollo’s dream