Hear the soundtrack to Stranger Things’ third season

Including cuts from Madonna, The Who, REO Speedwagon and The Cars.

July 05, 2019
Hear the soundtrack to <i>Stranger Things</i>’ third season Netflix

Just a day after its debut, Netflix has released the soundtrack for Stranger Things' third season. The 16-song compilation is, expectedly, saturated with mid-eighties nostalgia, with cuts from The Cars, Madonna, The Who, REO Speedwagon, Patsy Cline, and Weird Al Yankovic. The first soundtrack, which featured songs from the prior two seasons, included music from Toto, New Order, Olivia Newton John and The Clash.


Like its visual counterpart, the entire album is streaming online now, but Netflix is also releasing physical copies of the record later this month on CD, cassette on vinyl. Pre-order a copy here, and stream the soundtrack below.

Hear the soundtrack to Stranger Things’ third season