SASSY 009’s new single “Maybe in the Summer” is a skittering kiss-off

A new cut from Sunniva Lindgård’s forthcoming EP, KILL SASSY 009.

October 08, 2019
SASSY 009’s new single “Maybe in the Summer” is a skittering kiss-off Julie Lauritzen

When we first met Norwegian trio SASSY 009, they were three friends with a knack for hyper-slick, trance-indebted electropop. Much has changed since they released their debut EP Do you mind back in 2017, and today, SASSY 009 is solely the project of Sunniva Lindgård. Next month, she's propelling forward with KILL SASSY 009, pushing the project in its steeliest direction yet while always keeping the groove paramount. She's already shared the first single, "Thrasher," and today she's offering one more, a skittering kiss-off titled "Maybe in the Summer" that jettisons all negative energy toward the sun.


"'Maybe in the Summer' is a song about realizing you’re being taken advantage of by someone you thought had good intentions," Lindgård wrote to The FADER. "The fast BPM and the intense movement in the song is a symbol of wanting to move on quickly, while also trying to understand how and what you feel towards this person and yourself as a result of this confusing behavior. Basically the sound of a confused mind and an eager will to shake this destructive pattern off."

Catch a first listen of "Maybe in the Summer," and peep SASSY 009's European tour itinerary, below.


12th Oct, Oslo, Norway - Red Bull Music Festival @ Stratos
14th Nov, London, England - The Great Escape ‘First 50 Launch’ @ The Courtyard Theatre
15th Nov, Brussels, Belgium - Headline @ Botanique Rotonde
19th Nov, Berlin, Germany - Scope Festival @ Kantine am Berghain
21st Nov, Stockholm, Sweden - Headline @ Sodra Teatern
6th Dec, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Subbacultha @ Garage Noord
7th Dec, Paris, France - co-headline @ La Boule Noire


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SASSY 009’s new single “Maybe in the Summer” is a skittering kiss-off