F. Virtue doubles down on a risky bet in his “Chain Gang” video

“I’m a fucking knife trying to spoon.”

October 22, 2019

Throughout his time in both the traditional rap scene of Rhymesayers and, more recently, as a member of New York's queer underground, F. Virtue has always radiated a mix of hip-hop's braggadocio and DIY punk attitude.


For his latest video "Chain Gang," F. Virtue got Mr. Oz to create the claymation world around the hopeless and yet hopeful love song. The beat itself goes from an upbeat reggae song to a somber piano melody to match the mix of emotions. Although Virtue knows it might not end well with a pretty bowtie on the relationship, he also accepts the beautiful struggle to get there: "Being the crazy kids that we are, with all our messiness, attempting to love at the same time as the messiness. And not just attempting any love, a great love. And those few infinite moments where something aligns and it works. If only for a flash."

Atmosphere lends a hook with world DJ champion DJ Brace on some cuts at the end. The track is self-produced by F. Virtue.

"Chain Gang" comes off of F. Virtue's latest project Millennial Love During WWIII. It features Rozay LaBeija from the legendary House of LaBeija, XL Records' Infinite, and more.

F. Virtue also launched his own clothing brand with custom pieces called Seks 5th Avenue as well as his own website.

Photo: Orograph

F. Virtue doubles down on a risky bet in his “Chain Gang” video