DEAR-GOD has his worst nightmare in his “Bitter Winter” video

The Canadian singer walks you through the three levels of hell.

January 14, 2020

That feeling when all of your friends leave for school around fall and there's nothing to do in your hometown just got very real in DEAR-GOD's new video "Bitter Winter." The excellent B-rate horror follows the Brampton artist as he gets sucked into a bad dream by a devil where he witnesses horrible, unspeakable things with just the right level of special effects and cheap props. The grainy visuals are a match for DEAR-GOD's hopeless lyrics and hardcore grunge production.


DEAR-GOD, who directed the video, alluded to the snuff-level production on the visuals in an email: "We shot this whole thing on my dad’s old Sony camera that I recently restored. It was pretty much all shot in and around my house in Brampton. I wanted to see what kind of crazy shit we could make with the most minimal budget and crew."

"Bitter Winter" is DEAR-GOD second single, after "The Burbs."

Photo: Luis Mora

DEAR-GOD has his worst nightmare in his “Bitter Winter” video