Play Lastmonday’s “Gato De’lla” video at your family’s next barbeque

The Bronx artist represents the intersection of a rich past and unpredictable present.

February 12, 2020

For the families who love Tego Calderon as much as Big Pun, Lastmonday comes with the cross-generational party starter for the warmer months. In his new video for "Gato De'lla," Lastmonday walks you through the parts of the Bronx near and dear to him and his father while rapping over a beat that samples the bass line on Pun's "Twinz" and Calderon's "Elegante de Boutique."


In an email, he explained how the nostalgic-tinged video is an extension of his childhood into his adult life: "Tagging, running from the cops, Reggaeton bashment parties, perreando, underage drinking, all that. The video is a continuation of that and a glimpse into my current life, my crew and my environment."

He also explained the Spanish slang use of the word sal, or salt, in the stand out line, “Yo tengo todo abajo de control...antes to la sal se me entró, yo tenia que sacudirme, corone y estoy mejor,” which translates to, “I needed to shake the salt off of me, crown myself and continue to be great.” He relayed that "in Spanish slang someone that has a lot of 'sal' is someone who carries negative energy along with plenty of bad luck."

Look out for a project from him this spring.

Photo: @bassmobisagod

Play Lastmonday’s “Gato De’lla” video at your family’s next barbeque