ÄTNA ride off into the sunset on Made By Desire album

The Berlin-based duo have made the soundtrack to every possible end credits sequence.

February 13, 2020
ÄTNA ride off into the sunset on <i>Made By Desire</i> album

If ÄTNA soundtracked the outros on a Netflix show, you'd want to wait to slap that Next Episode button. Made By Desire, the new project from Berlin-based duo, singer Inéz and producer Demian, has the perfect energy that a closing credits portion deserves. It pulls at the right emotions in said film would be about, but from a nostalgic viewpoint. For a romcom, maybe "La La La La La." For sci-fi, try "If You Were Gone." And an indie Americana, you have the acoustic "Try." They even have one for a bonus ending: "Ruining My Brain"


In an email, they mentioned how the recording studio helped push boundaries: "The recording process of MADE BY DESIRE was truly magical to us. The famous Hansa Studios of Berlin inherit this vibe of the adventurous Bowie in every corner." They continued by saying how Demien "collects lots of metal trash and children‘s toys to implement into his drumset" while Inéz "has always been digging through all sorts of folklore music from countries such as India, Egypt, Brazil, Mali and found so many truly unique ways of using a singing voice."

They'll be touring Europe through April, which you can check out dates for on their website.

Photo: Iga Drobisz

ÄTNA ride off into the sunset on Made By Desire album