A list of fundraisers you can support right now.

6 fundraisers to support this week

Six places to share your cash.

October 02, 2020
6 fundraisers to support this week

Each week, The FADER rounds up a small selection of calls for donations from causes furthering the goals of equality and social justice, with a focus on areas that are overlooked in modern media coverage. If you have any comments or suggestions for the roundup, contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

Help Enerio Palacios

Enerio Palacios is seeking assistance with finding safe housing after being kicked out by his parents.


"I’m currently staying at my friends house temporarily, since they struggling financially. My friend’s parents are working 12 hour shifts just to pay bills and make sure that there is food on the table just so she can eat . I’m asking for donations so I can pay for school and hopefully buy a car, so that I can be able to drive to my new job and school." — Enerio

Safe Housing and Support for Carla de Abreu

Angolan immigrant Carla de Abreu needs to find safe housing from her abusive living situation.

"She has gone to rehab 3 times already, but every time this man takes her back into her addiction. She also has cancer of the mouth, but I am not sure to what degree she is being treated for it. We need to get her moved out as soon as possible so she can recover from her drug dependency and finally live. If she doesn't get the help she needs soon she will likely die." — Marlo De Abreu

Donate to the legal and political support campaign for arrested Denver organizers

A donation fund for arrested protesters in Denver, who have been in jail for seven days.

"Those arrested were the leaders to demand justice for Elijah McClain, who was brutally murdered by the Aurora Police Department. They are facing multiple felony charges and years in prison in an obvious frame-up aimed at stopping the movement for justice for Elijah McClain." — Protest organisers

Undocumented Mother & Daughter in Need of Help

A Latinx mother in DC needs financial assistance to help with recovery from a medical procedure.


"Having already gone through a COVID diagnosis and recovery in May, the past few months have been extremely tough on her and her family. She has herself and a beautiful daughter to support; all donations are appreciated." — Fundraiser organiser

Help a trans woman relocate to a more stable home

Trans woman Riley is seeking funds to find safe housing.

"Since the move I had jobs fall through because of my transness and haven't been able to get back on my feet. I am asking for 6000 for the cost of moving back to my hometown that would go to the move itself, housing, and overall stability. I have assurance that I will be able to get back on my feet living with a former roommate that I trust as well as obtaining a job. Any help at all is greatly appreciated." — Riley

Help Amari escape an abusive home and live

Black non-binary lesbian Amari needs assistance with finding money to move out of her abusive home.

"College was my safe zone - I was able to live my life without my moms harsh criticism or aggressions, and everything was fine. I thought I could even build a relationship with my family. But when the pandemic happened, i foolishly thought i could handle a few months back home. well, for a few months i could. but now im realizing that things are starting to build up." — Amari

6 fundraisers to support this week