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Watch Helena Deland’s live reimagining of “Truth Nugget”

See Helena Deland perform a highlight from her 2020 debut.

February 12, 2021

One of 2020’s most fascinating and wholly enjoyable records came courtesy of Montreal-based singer, songwriter and producer Helena Deland. On her first full-length album Someone New, which came in at #18 on our top albums of 2020 list, Deland interrogated the minutiae and strange subjectivity of romantic relationships, painstakingly pulling apart the good, the bad, and the surreal of one of the most all-consuming elements of modern life. As Deland put it in our GEN F interview with her, Someone New was born out of a desire to portray a distinctive, immutable subjectivity — to “find the main character.”


Today, The FADER is premiering a new live video of “Truth Nugget”, one of the highlights from Someone New. Recorded in December 2020 at Montreal’s Mixart studio and directed by Mégane Voghell, the clip is part of a larger live session set to debut on Deland’s YouTube later today. Befitting the themes of Someone New, which often depicts liminal zones, ‘What If?’s, and alternate futures, this version of “Truth Nugget” highlights elements of the song that weren’t immediately obvious on the album version.

Over email, Voghell told The FADER about the shoot:


"Helena is someone I admire deeply not only for what she creates but how she creates it. The steps an artist takes to put something out into the world reveal a lot about their aim, their vision, what they cherish, their generosity… and I wanted to touch on these very things with this live session.  Before spending two full days in the studio with Helena, her band and my tiny crew, I made it clear that I would only be a witness. I would bring 9 cameras and two other creators with me (Ménad Kesraoui + Antoine Giroux) and we would just look, observe and capture. I believe this stance was felt as an unconscious relief for everyone participating in the project. There was no pressure of creating yet another spectacle, another piece of entertainment. Rather we would all be ourselves truly, producing and noticing details, making a whole out of them, and together we would offer a glimpse into the essence of Helena Deland’s sensitive realm."

Added Deland:


"This session was the finish line of weeks of practicing in a space that allowed distancing, and though things are slightly different with Covid related precautions, the energy and joy that comes out of getting together to play music is wildly invigorating, and this is especially obvious in this energetically low era. As for playing music with people for people, or being part of an audience, I think the special glow of those moments is bound to increase tenfold when we can safely engage in them again. Until then, this is a heartfelt effort to share some warmth, although virtual, and spend some time, although not simultaneous."

Watch “Truth Nugget” above, and see the full performance on Deland’s YouTube at noon EST here.



Recorded in December of 2020 at Mixart studio in Montreal

Songs + vocals + guitar: Helena Deland
Musical direction + keys: Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux
Guitar: Alexandre Larin
Bass + vocals: Laurie Torres
Keys + vocals: Rosie Long-Decter
Drums: Francis Ledoux
Cello: Ouri
Engineer: Benoit Parent
Mix: Valentin Ignat
Master: Francis Ledoux

Director: Mégane Voghell
Camera operators: Mégane Voghell, Ménad Kesraoui, Antoine Giroux
Editor: Xavier Lévesque
Colorist: Ménad Késraoui
Production: Chivi Chivi

Watch Helena Deland’s live reimagining of “Truth Nugget”