10 songs you need in your life this week

Tracks we love, in no particular order

March 18, 2021
10 songs you need in your life this week Pictured L-R: Sophia Kennedy (Benjakon), 454 (Lauren Davis), Hook

Each week, The FADER staff rounds up the songs we can't get enough of. Here they are, in no particular order.


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"Uber Therapy" — Hook

While Hook puts the finishing touches on her forthcoming project, she's tiding us over with a backseat confessional. Clocking in at just over a minute and a half, it's a brief ride, just enough to get a fragment of idiosyncratic truth off her chest ahead of the next destination.

"ANDRETTI" — 454

This week we've been locked into the imaginative world of 454's debut full-length 4 REAL, a project that cuts the Florida rapper's surrealist instincts with New York edge. That crossover feels especially potent on the mesmeric deli square-off "ANDRETTI." If you didn't register what he's throwing down the first time, he'll even slow it down for you.

"I SUCK THE DEVIL'S COCK" — Spirit of the Beehive

Listening to Spirit of the Beehive is like answering a multiple-choice question with "yes." You would be very correct to do so on "I SUCK THE DEVIL'S COCK," a walloping expungement of regimented living.

"Shine Your Light On Me" — Natalie Bergman

Step inside Natalie Bergman's land of milk and honey, a place where there's more than enough salvation to go around, especially in the hallucinogenic glow of "Shine Your Light On Me."

"DONT TALK" — Lancey Foux

Hush now, Lancey Lancey would like to have a word — a few, even. The galvanized lead single from his new tape FIRST DEGREE digs a deep moat between Foux and his competition. It's silencio to those who try and cross it.

"I Can See You" — Sophia Kennedy

Sophia Kennedy has committed herself to the art of the macabre groove. When she says that she sees you, she's going to lock her eyes on the target — not even Wolf Of Wall Street-strength quaadludes could hold her back.

"Cigarette Packet" — Sorry

It's impossible to watch Sorry's new video without smelling it, and I mean that as a compliment. The North London duo go to dizzying lengths to stave off a comedown on the ceaseless pulse of "Cigarette Packet." It may be enough to get you to put down the cancer sticks and go brush your teeth.

"I Got The Beat" — Pauli The PSM

Edmonton polymath Pauli The PSM's uncanny grip on all that is rhythmic takes center stage on their new single "I Got The Beat," a high-octane romp that underscores the overlooked art of tweeting and deleting.

"Sometimes" — John Errol

With the Los Angeles prog-pop experimentalist's debut album Inferno on the near horizon, John Errol wrangles his conflicting anxieties and desires into a gyrating mass of catharsis on "Sometimes."

"9696 Dream" — 96 Back

Sheffield's Evan Majumdar-Swift (who records as 96 Back) has a whammy of a year ahead of him, culminating in a full-length LP due out this autumn. Ahead of that there's the palatial flicker of "9696 Dream" to wander about in.

10 songs you need in your life this week