Ouri announces ambient tape, shares “Figure Profane”

bt002: self hypnosis tape drops Friday, February 25.

February 10, 2022
Ouri announces ambient tape, shares “Figure Profane” Photo by Kane Ocean.  

Ouri is one of modern music's slipperiest shapeshifters. The Montreal composer, producer and singer released two of last years most mutable projects: Hildegard, a cryptic collab with Helena Deland came in June, and an even eerier solo project, Frame of a Fauna, dropped a week before Halloween. Today, she announced bt002: self hypnosis tape, a seven-track ambient project duo out February 25. Along with the news, Ouri shared the record's lead single, "Figure Profane," as well her upcoming tour schedule.


The new track centers on a piano sample that slowly warps from its original form as Ouri hums in hushed tones behind it. According to a press release, it's fairly emblematic of the entire tape — a quiet departure from the prickly trip-hop/techno hybrids of her past work. "I wanted to offer myself a moment to study the melodic and harmonic features of my music and cut the rest out, allow repetition to happen but always keep the melody as the ultimate leader," she explains.

Listen to "Figure Profane," and view the dates of Ouri's 2022 international tour, below.

Ouri 2022 tour dates

2/22 - San Francisco, CA - Gray Area*
2/23 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon
2/24 - Los Angeles, CA - Floating
2/26 - Seattle, WA - Fremont Abbey Arts Center^
3/3 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl^
3/4 - New York, NY - National Sawdust^
3/6 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle^
3/12 - Montreal, Mutek - Winter Series, Club Soda ^
3/23 - New York, NY - Public Records
4/9 - Durham, NC - Brickside Festival


4/28 - Copenhagen, DK - Rust
4/30 - Manchester, UK - Mood Swings @ Yes
5/1 - Brussels, BE - Les Nuits Botaniques
5/2 - London, UK - Oslo
5/6 - Paris, FR - La Boule Noire

* = with Arooj Aftab
^ = with Smerz

Ouri announces ambient tape, shares “Figure Profane”