Miss Grit shares new song “Lain (phone clone)”

It’s the third single from their debut album, Follow the Cyborg, due out February 24 on Mute.

January 12, 2023
Miss Grit shares new song “Lain (phone clone)” Hoseon Sohn

Six weeks away from the release of their debut studio LP, Follow the Cyborg, Margaret Sohn (Miss Grit) is feeling confident. Their new song, “Lain (phone clone),” is the third single from the forthcoming project (due out February 24 via Mute Records) and its most clearly anthemic offering thus far.


Where September’s sanguine “Like You” showed glimmers of hope peeking through the cracks of dense adversity and the record’s November lead single/title track (a certified Song You Need) burned slowly toward its cathartic, cyborgian climax, the new song struts its stuff almost from the beginning, like a robot on a runway, comfortable in front of an audience for the first time.

The track takes its title from Serial Experiments Lain, Yasuyuki Ueda’s “anime about a girl whose online self attempts to drag her physical self away from reality,” according to a press release. “I feel like the divide between my inner and outer self can grow so big sometimes that it feels like I’m being eclipsed by this big cringey monster,” Sohn says of the song’s inspiration. “I wanted to write this to mock the monster and remind myself I’m not powerless against it.”


“Hold up your hands if you can’t hold up the act / Hold up your hands if your two lives overlap,” they sing, inspiring others who’ve struggled similarly to be bold. “Hold up your hands if you want your memories back / Hold up your hands and let go of your phone clone.”

“Lain (phone clone)” comes with a slickly shot music video. Watch the clip and check out Follow the Cyborg’s tracklist and cover art below.

Follow the Cyborg tracklist

1. Perfect Blue
2. Your Eyes Are Mine
3. Nothing’s Wrong
4. Lain (phone clone)
5. Buffering
6. Follow the Cyborg
7. 사이보그를 따라와
8. Like You
9. The End
10. Syncing

Follow the Cyborg cover art
Miss Grit shares new song “Lain (phone clone)”
Miss Grit shares new song “Lain (phone clone)”