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Video: Porcelain Raft, “Drifting In and Out”

Porcelain Raft’s “Drifting In and Out” starts heavy on buzzy synths and puncturing drums, which lead into dissonant guitar. Throughout, Mauro Remiddi mournfully refrains the song’s title. Smoke machine and shadow play feature heavily in … read more »

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Stream: Howse, “VBS”

Tri Angle Records has created a solid base, releasing music from hip-hop centric producers like Clams Casino and Evian Christ that happen to lurk in more ambient territory. The label’s newest artist, Howse, maintains that … read more »

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Video: Dustin Wong, “Pink Diamond”

You probably have at least one friend with a collection of black light posters, who is always on psychedelics and is always trying to show you trippy YouTube videos. To avoid watching randomly flashing lights … read more »

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Video: Twerps, “Through The Day”

Melbourne’s Twerps just released a video for “Through the Day,” a melancholy song from their debut self-titled LP. Without singing along to the refrain of your love gets me through the day, and that’s all … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz, “Wasabi”

Even before you hear Roach Gigz say, Imma do it for home/ Imma do it for Dre, it’s certain “Wasabi” is a tribute to Bay Area legend and “Thizzle Dance” originator Mac Dre. The only … read more »

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