Video Vault: 8 Crucial Teen Movies to Watch This Weekend

Beyond Clueless documentarian Charlie Lyne reflects on some turn-of-the-century gems Between 1995 and 2004 (the release years of Clueless and Mean Girls respectively) there was a seemingly infinite number of films produced that fell neatly … read more »



Most Liked: Three Tumblrs The FADER Has Fallen For

Brand New Paint Job From the magazine: ISSUE 91 April/May 2014 Jon Rafman’s Brand New Paint Job, like many of his Tumblrs, is an ongoing, serialized exhibition of original artwork derived from existing images, … read more »

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Alexander Heir’s New Book of Punk Flyers and Illustrated Art

Alexander Heir’s incredible pictures of gay punks, stabbings and tattooed kids have mostly proliferated on disposable xeroxed flyers for bands like Destruction Unit and Limp Wrist, limited edition scarves and sweatshirts and small runs of … read more »

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Inside James Ferraro’s Elevator at MoMA PS1

What a musician’s major museum debut can tell us about the art of muzak James Ferraro (b. 1988): musician, jokester, conceptual artist. Currently “on display” at MoMA PS1 in Queens is Ferraro’s installation, 100%. “On … read more »

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adult swim mix tape-feat

Download DJ Drama and Don Cannon’s Boondocks-Inspired Mixtape

On April 21, Adult Swim’s staple series The Boondocks — “the wittiest, most ruthless satire of Black culture on television since Chappelle’s Show” — will return for a fourth and reportedly final season. And to … read more »

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Celebrate Passover Seder with Beyoncé

Having Beyoncé at your Seder reciting the Four Questions would be ideal. But since that is not likely, at least when you’re bored at your auntie and uncle’s house this Passover, you can amuse yourself … read more »

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Adult Swim: Discretion Isn’t Advised

THE SICK MINDS BEHIND LATE-NIGHT TV’S LATEST REVOLUTION Adult Swim scans like TV from a dark, twisted parallel dimension. Its parent channel, Cartoon Network, is kid-friendly during the day, but flip by when the sun’s … read more »

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Dean Blunt

From Where I Am: Ten Years of Touring Musicians in Istanbul Documented

Dean Blunt, Gang Gang Dance, Omar Souleyman and more hang out in the Turkish capital. “They came to İstanbul, where I live. I claimed this city is sad, they thought it is undeniably beautiful,” writes … read more »

selfeed instagram

Check out SELFEED, a Realtime Stream of the #Selfie Tag on Instagram

I’m sorry, I can’t do any more work today. I’m hypnotized by SELFEED, a new site by Tyler Madsen, Erik Carter and Jillian Mayer that aggregates Instagram selfies in super-fast succession. It’s like a way … read more »

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Interview: OkMalumKoolKat

Meet Johannesburg’s busiest party-starter Presented by Sprite and FADER, Obey You Collective: South Africa is a series devoted to showcasing artists, trail-blazers, and bright young talents from South Africa. For this installment, we spoke with … read more »

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