Cory Arcangel’s New Book Is Just Tweets of People Saying They’re Working on Their Novel

Cory Arcangel, the renowned New York-based visual artist who actually DJ’d at The FADER FORT one time, is releasing a new book. Working On My Novel is a carefully-curated collection of Tweets, all of which … read more »


lil wayne sports agency

Lil Wayne to Start Sports Agency, Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Lil Wayne hasn’t done much to conceal his obsession with professional sports. The New Orleans emcee has rapped over the SportsCenter instrumental, dedicated a song to Kobe Bryant, appeared as a guest debater on ESPN’s … read more »

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J Dilla’s Equipment Finds a New Home at The Smithsonian

Like it was for so many others, Donuts was the first album I listened to over and over and over again. As a skinny sixteen-year-old who had just discovered file sharing, I savored the sweet … read more »

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Watch The Trailer For Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus”

In our spring profile of Adult Swim, we spoke to developers about Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder’s upcoming television comeback “Black Jesus,” and they assured us the scripted comedy would be “more about the community at … read more »

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Social Anxiety: Six Creepy Pieces of Life Advice from the Kim Kardashian Game

What can an addiction to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood teach us about getting ahead in the real world? In her bi-weekly column, Social Anxiety, Emilie Friedlander peeks underneath the artifacts of contemporary culture to question what … read more »

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Download 1-Hour Photo, the Anti-Instagram App

Evidenced by every millennial parent ever, Instagram has become the go-to app for documenting life’s memorable moments. The irony is that the time we spend picking the perfect photo and filter often distracts us from … read more »

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suno deko featured

What We’re Reading: Suno Deko on Spiritual Texts, Internet Feminism and Pre-Civil War Erotica

Tired of reading the same recommended books from the usual sources? Just think of our bi-weekly What We’re Reading column as your non-committal book club with FADER and some of your favorite bands and artists. … read more »

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Thanks to the MAD Museum, Hood by Air Is Now Officially Art

This summer, the Museum of Arts and Design is setting out to affiliate names as varying as Blue Bottle Coffee, Marilyn Minter and Eckhaus Latta under the umbrella of their NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial. … read more »

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NYC’s Young Creatives Put on Their Own Art Show

On Tuesday night, the grungy Niagara Bar off of Tompkins Square Park in NYC’s East Village was overflowing with visitors to see Temporary Accommodations, a one-night art show that featured work from 10 interesting young … read more »


FADER Explains: The Caxirola

Making a whooshing percussion sound that’s both characteristic of bossa nova and reminiscent of Amazonian rainfall, the caxirola—Brazil’s 2014 World Cup instrument—was initially given the seal of approval by FIFA and Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff … read more »

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