Vinyl Archeology: Cosmo Baker’s Selections of Power and Positvity

Today, America votes to elect the president who’ll serve for the next four years. In 2009′s FADER #59, Philly-born and Brooklyn-based DJ Cosmo Baker selected this group of old songs to celebrate the beginning of … read more »



Vinyl Archeology: Static Major Wrote Songs for Beautiful Dreamers

When songwriter Stephen “Static Major” Garrett’s lyrics converged with Aaliyah’s voice it created a vortex. Not a “matter turns to nothingness,” vacuum-type of vortex, but a supernovaical vortex that housed and churned all the human … read more »

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Reheaters: Michael Rapaport Looks at A Tribe Called Quest

The track record for artist-specific rap documentaries is not stellar. Often they look cheap, are poorly shot and barely tell any kind of story. Actor and film director, Michael Rapaport, changed that with Beats, Rhymes … read more »

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