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Michael Williams and Bushmills Make a Booze Bag

Menswear aficionado Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, Irish whiskey distillers Bushmills and North Carolina bagmakers Parrot Canvas have pulled all of their respective talents to collaborate on a new bag that’s a pretty impeccable … read more »

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The Manly Men of A Continuous Lean’s Pop Up Flea

Hey, want to know another way to spend your money this fine holiday season? No? Well here’s twenty-seven. Randy Goldberg and Michael Williams, the gents behind A Continuous Lean brought their favorite designers out for … read more »


The Pop Up Flea Will Stuff Your Stockings

It’s the mooooost wonnderrfulll timmeeee offf the yeaaarrrrr. And no, fools, we don’t mean Christmas, we mean ACL-scribe Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg’s Pop Up Flea, an annual gathering of some of the best menswear, … read more »

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Color Me Bad: Red

Our wardrobe has always been a mood ring of sorts, and colors come in and out of importance for us depending on any number of things, including weather, relationship status and location. Red Autumn color … read more »

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Now Open: A Continuous Lean Shop

Though its shelves are relatively bare for now, there’s no doubt A Continuous Lean‘s brand new online shop will soon be jammed with so many enviable possessions that you might as well just get that … read more »

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A Continuous Goldberg Presents: The Pop Up Flea

After conquering the internet with A Continuous Lean, a blog dedicated to the greatest in American menswear, Michael Williams’ next step seems to be eliminating the middle man altogether. For a few days in November, … read more »

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