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Stream Animal Collective’s Album Centipede Hz

On last night’s edition of Animal Collective Radio, the band premiered their new album, Centipede Hz. Now, the entire album—which tows the perfect line between the band’s harsh early sound and their Beach Boys-iness of … read more »

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Video: Animal Collective and Keep Company Make A Movie

After a brief foray as mini-Manolo Blahniks, Animal Collective are back to their original grind, making a soundtrack to band-sister Abby Portner‘s quick film celebrating their collabo with Keep Company. They’ll be making limited edition … read more »

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Video: Abby Portner Provides Lyrics For Avey Tare’s “Laughing Hieroglyphic”

FADER friend, contributor and visual artist Abby Portner  just snuck the above  video snippet onto her Vimeo page a few hours ago. It’s a lyrical supplement to “Laughing Hieroglyphic,” opening track on Down There, the … read more »

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Video: Avey Tare, “Lucky 1″

Avey Tare‘s cool artist sister/F65 feature subject Abby Portner put together this video of fractally croc face, letting her gauzy pastels pulse with the beat of his pretty new single. Hoping the breeziness was inspired … read more »

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Behind the Scenes of Wavves’ “Post-Acid” Video

If after watching the video for Wavves‘ “Post-Acid” video, you were perhaps wondering how an alien can skateboard so well, here is your answer. Pro skater dude Kevin Spanky Long got fitted with a big … read more »

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Slideshow: Abigail Portner’s Insider/Outsider Art

Abigail Portner’s drawings and paintings focus primarily around the themes of children, masks, skeletons and animals. Her images are at once both filled with positive light and dark feelings. As one of the chief visual … read more »

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