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GEN F: Aidonia

In the world of shoulder-mounted firearms, the term “bolt action” refers to the process in which the shooter must cock back the firing pin after each individual shot, clearing the barrel of an empty shell … read more »

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Aidonia, “Gal Yuh Can Fuck” MP3

Aidonia getting right to the point: Your pussy tight/ What a feeling. Dude is extra gruff-voiced and super raw. This sounds like an anthem—as it should, it’s not a love song. Download: Aidonia, “Gal Yuh … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 120: Serani / Future Fambo / Dancehall Again!

Daseca again! Everybody’s favorite makers of gun-drop, Island pop, and dubstop snapped back this week with a new riddim that is decidedly not a hybrid or micro-genre of anything except in the sense that they … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 109: Aidonia / TOK / Jim Screechie Riddim

I believe from now on this column will just be a laundry-list of news items from Ghettopalmsland, capped off with a scam email. Anything related to Third World music, soundsystem culture, urbanism and global development … read more »

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Video: Kano f. Wiley and Aidonia, “Get Wild”

Produced by Boys Noize, Kano’s new track is an international affair. The German producer has made a track loose enough to fit the frame for Kano and Wiley‘s UK rap and Aidonia‘s dancehall vocals. It’s … read more »

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Aidonia, “Jehova” MP3

Initially, much of Aidonia‘s lyricism was girl and gun-centric, but this last year he directed his focus towards a more international audience, catching our ear and keeping it obsessively focused on any YouTube leaks or … read more »

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Video: Aidonia, “Evil Head/Isaiah”

“So much trouble in the world,” Bob once sang. Aidonia can relate. In the split for “Evil Head/Isaiah” he re-shot that creepy ass sci-fi movie The Cell from inside his own mind sans J-Lo (-1), … read more »

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Aidonia f. Suhvertu, “Wi Siiiiiiiiiiiiiick” MP3

We’d be a little more predisposed to edit some of the “i’s” out of this song’s title, if it wasn’t in fact, so siiiiiiiiiiiiiick. A bunch of Aidonia’s music has taken a more radio-friendly turn … read more »

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Aidonia & Tarrus Riley, “Di Trees” MP3

A few weeks ago in his Ghetto Palms column, Stats rattled off five different versions of the new Go-Go Club Riddim but left out this fiery duet from two of FADER’s current unheralded favorites. Aidonia, … read more »

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Aidonia & Federation Sound, Bolt Action Mixtape

Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Donia! We’ve kept pretty good track of the steady stream of Aidonia one-offs this summer, but what we’d been hoping for all along was some kind of concentrated full length. Seeing as how Aidonia isn’t … read more »

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