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Video: Rudimental, “Not Giving In”

For their follow-up to the epic urban cowboy video for “Feel the Love” (and a lovely FADER mix to boot), the London production four-piece Rudimental now release maybe their biggest blockbuster yet, “Not Giving In,” … read more »

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GEN F: Alex Clare

Alex Clare is standing in Farlow’s, a regal fishing emporium on London’s well-to-do Pall Mall, picking through a selection of lures embellished with brightly dyed feathers and unblinking plastic eyes. It seems an unlikely endeavour … read more »

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The FADER Issue #75 Podcast

Summer’s ending, and that’s fine. Out with the sweat-stained t-shirts and the farmer tans, in with the autumn winds and the year’s greatest opportunity for clothing-based self-revitalization: shopping for fall fashions. Here’s a fun accessory … read more »

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In kindergarten I had a friend named Jill who had super curly hair and a polka dot shirt. We used to play with dominoes all the time. I never saw her again after 1989, when … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER Issue #75: Fall Fashion Featuring Frank Ocean and The Rapture

Fall! It’s a time for light coats and a (thankfully) more diverse wardrobe than the slight variations on tees and rolled up pants that we’ve been wearing all summer. It’s also the time for our … read more »

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Video: Alex Clare, “Too Close” (Produced by Diplo and Switch)

The most thumbs-upped comment on Alex Clare‘s latest, produced again by Diplo and Switch, puts the pause on Clare’s lyric, But there’s something inside that I need to release. But the second most popular comment … read more »

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Alex Clare, “TooClose (Nadastrom Remix)” MP3

The Alex Clare producer streak goes on, following previous collaborations with Diplo, Switch and Sbtrkt. His smoky voice doesn’t instantly scream “moombahton,” but by the triumphant final bars, as Nadastrom chop and pitch around his … read more »

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Stream: Alex Clare, “Relax My Beloved”

Alex Clare recorded his upcoming debut album partially in New Orleans and “Relax My Beloved” is a good synthesis of his UK roots and the Neville Brothers-ish heavy soul of that city. “Relax My Beloved” … read more »

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Stream: Alex Clare, “Up All Night (Sbtrkt Remix)”

Sbtrkt turns UK singer Alex Clare‘s song “Up All Night” into something sinister. Diplo and Switch produced the original and it’s a smoky tune, now remixed 100% for clubs. And at about 1:40, it shakes … read more »

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Video: Alex Clare, “Up All Night”

Diplo and Switch produced this first single by British singer Alex Clare—as we said when posted the stream last month—and it has the feel of a serious follow through of their punk desires teased with … read more »

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