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Stream: Three New Amazing Baby Jams

Our dudefriends in Amazing Baby have been working hard on some fresh new songs for a sophomore album, tentatively titled Ice Water. Yesterday they informed the webisphere that they’d put up three demos on their … read more »

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Rock Quake: Haiti Benefit at Glasslands Thursday Night

It’s been ninety-five days since the Haiti earthquake happened. And while some progress has been made there in the last few months, there’s still ways you can help. So if you care, and you can’t … read more »

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On The Boat with Amazing Baby

Amazing Boat-y is more like it! Har. read more »

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On The Boat With Amazing Baby

When we set out for the stormy waters of Long Island Sound in a boat full of chowder-fed rock dudes and a couple of cameras, we weren’t sure what to expect. John Locke on a … read more »

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The Entrance Band to Tour with Amazing Baby

Entrance Baby. Amazing Band. read more »

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Amazing Baby's Uncensored "Headdress" Video

Boobs, flashlights, alpacas… read more »


Wah Do Dem Is The Name Of A New Movie You Want To See

Yeah, we’re an entertainment website. We do movies, too. read more »

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Musicfest Northwest Lineup Packs Serious Emo Heat

Ready yourself for one of the best Get Up Kids jokes you’ve ever heard. read more »

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FADER TV: Open Bar with Amazing Baby

First of all, Amazing Baby are about to tour with Phoenix, which will probably incite a bunch of unnamed FADER editors to scream like teenage girls at the front of the audience at the New … read more »

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Freeload: Amazing Baby Daytrotter Session

Down in the great Lollapalooza in the sky we call heaven, or SXSW, the lovely people at Daytrotter got the lovely people in Amazing Baby to record a couple of choice cuts. Amazing Baby is … read more »

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