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ricky eat acid

Ricky Eat Acid, “Inside your house; it will swallow us too” MP3

Sam Ray—also of Julia Brown, Teen Suicide, Starry Cat—has long cranked out odd, melodic, cassette-warped ambient music as Ricky Eat Acid, though his work on that tip seems to be reaching critical mass with these … read more »

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Stream: Twigs & Yarn, “Yuurei”

In Austin a few weeks ago, in a small theater in the back of a coffee shop, I caught a performance by Twigs & Yarn, the tender, quiet sound-collage duo of Texas’ Stephen Orsak and … read more »

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Download Sad Souls’ Form in the Fog Beside EP

In 2011, Sad Souls, who is Ann Arbor’s Tom Auty, released one of my secret favorite a-little-more-lively-than-ambient albums of the past few years, Apeiron, a simply constructed and emotionally neutral LP of slow guitar loops … read more »

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Watch Four Videos from Twigs & Yarn

Update 2/14/13: In honor of Valentine’s Day, Twigs & Yarn released a heart- and raspberry-red video for one of their best tracks, “If I Were an Artery.” We’ve added it above to keep this little … read more »

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Domus’ The Sound of London Mix MP3

For the sixth installment of his mixtape series for Domus, Daniel Perlin brings us to London, where he’s chosen to collaborate with multimedia artists Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) and Allard van Hoorn—who both work at … read more »

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Hatchback, “Hotaru” (Edit) MP3

For his second solo venture, Sam Grawe aka Hatchback (and the other half of the electronic group Yasunari Kawabata and was inspired by a passage about hotarugaike, or firefly lake. And, really, the song does … read more »

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