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Ammerman Schlösberg’s Medieval Video Game Assassins for Fall

Design duo Elizabeth Ammerman and Eric Schlösberg won the VFILES Made Fashion contest with their Lolita-meets-Marilyn Manson collection of dominatrix baby doll dresses for spring and, now, they’re dialing up the fantasy and having even … read more »

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Ammerman Schlösberg: Every Day Is Halloween

Dropping your hard-earned leaf-bagging money on a Halloween costume seems pretty wasteful when you’re only going to wear it a few days out of the year. Luckily, designers Ammerman Schlösberg, profiled in the current issue … read more »

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Ammerman Schlösberg: Reject Central

Ammerman Schlösberg’s naughty new clothes From the magazine: ISSUE 88, October/November 2013 Elizabeth Ammerman and Eric Schlösberg’s short-skirted, crop-topped debut collection feels a bit like revenge. “I was not a popular girl in school,” he … read more »

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I’ve spent the last few months listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails, and the revelation I’ve had is that, as an adult, most of Trent Reznor’s early work bums me out way too … read more »

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Ammerman Schlösberg’s Matrix-Inspired Spring Collection

No one’s quite making clothes like BFFs Elizabeth Ammerman and Eric Schlösberg, who turn their geeky obsessions with anime, cosplay and Sailor Moon into collections of amazingly weird clothes. For their second collection as Ammerman … read more »

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NYFW Trend Report: Sex Club Sheers

FADER NYFW, Spring 2014 Save for a few outliers, New York Fashion Week rarely produces challenging collections. It’s a predictably pretty affair where designers test out their creative impulses with accessories, beauty looks, and atmospherics … read more »

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NYFW: VFILES Made Fashion

FADER NYFW, Spring 2014 Backstage at VFILES hung a sign that read: “Smize/ Have fun/ Don’t be too serious/ High energy.” This playful message isn’t what you’d expect to see at New York Fashion Week—a … read more »

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