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Video: Run The Jewels, “36″ Chain”

When El-P’s crazed puppet homie Mr. Killums is snatched by ruthless kidnappers in the opening of the new video for Run The Jewels mixtape cut “36″ Chain,” some campy violence ensues. Like a low-budget Taken, … read more »

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NYC’s Music Community Talks Hurricane Sandy

If you suffered Sandy’s wrath this week, you probably woke up after the storm with a pretty good grasp on all the damage she incurred on your block, but without much of a sense of … read more »

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Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K., “I’m A Goner” MP3

Today, Converse released “I’m A Goner,” the latest addition to their growing archive of Three Artists, One Song collaborations. Matt & Kim wrote the song’s base, aiming, “to make a song people can party to,” … read more »

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Andrew WK’s Party Tips Mixtape

Recently, master of all-things-party-related Andrew W.K. set out to collaborate with Franki Chan on a mixtape for the Check Yo Ponytail series. What began simply enough turned into a full-on recording session in the Major … read more »

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BACKTRACKS: Andrew W.K.’s First NYC Show Ever

For the second installment of our brand new BACKTRACKS series supported by

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FEATURE: New York Rock in The Years to Be Hated

Squabbles and footnotes aside, in the pages of history books and The FADER, New York rock in the 21st century began with the Strokes. Of course the Strokes always evoked New York rock of the … read more »

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Video: Andrew WK, “I Wanna See You Get Wild”

“I Wanna See You Get Wild” is exactly the same thing we say to Andrew WK every time we see him, so we’re glad it’s mutual. This is the spirit of “I Get Wet” Andrew … read more »

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Andrew WK’s Daytrotter Session MP3s

Andrew WK‘s definitely looking a little Ras Trent in his Daytrotter drawing. But the feeling of these sessions—featuring Andy on piano and Matt Sweeney on guitar—is more free jazz than white dread. “Untitled Jam #2″ … read more »

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For Frances Bean Cobain, 2010 is Already Better than 2009

Frances Bean Cobain didn’t exactly finish out the last decade with a smile on her face. Four years after Courtney Love regained custody of Frances Bean following an alleged 2003 Oxycontin overdose, Courtney lost custody … read more »

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Andrew W.K. No Longer Playing Churches To Avoid Arousal

Guess he really liked that one Madonna video. read more »