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Metro Nome 2

A Faded Evening with Antwon and Wiki in “Metro Nome”

Tales of love lost, grainy film filters, and drink-till-I-black-out bars: “Metro Nome,” Antwon‘s latest video from his Heavy Hearted in Doldrums album, lands squarely on the rapper’s stylistic calling-cards. He and Wiki sit on the … read more »

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Antwon @ Fader, Folsom Street Foundry, San Francisco 6.19.14

Watch Antwon Perform at Goose Island Beer Co.’s #AnalogMigration Party in San Francisco

Last week, The FADER hosted the second installment of the ale-fueled Analog Migration series in San Francisco. Presented by Goose Island Beer Co. and The FADER, the show featured post-punk group Dum Dum Girls and … read more »

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Infinity Epiphanies

Abdu Ali Shouts Through the Noise on “Infinity Epiphanies”

FADER PREMIERE While Baltimore Club has been thriving for a couple of decades now, recently an influx of rappers have taken the sound of their city to their own music. Abdu Ali is one of … read more »

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RSVP to “Analog Migration” in San Francisco with Dum Dum Girls and Antwon

This summer, Goose Island Beer Co. and The FADER are teaming up to present “Analog Migration”—a series of events in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. For one night in each city we’ll be toasting … read more »

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antwon don't care

New Antwon Video + Interview: “Some of my friends have told me I talk about sex a lot”

FADER PREMIERE Antwon and his Nature Boyz cohort Sad Andy reporting live from what looks like heaven in their new video for “Don’t Care,” directed by Cali Dewitt and produced by UNIF Clothing. Suicideyear did … read more »

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Video: Hot Sugar f. Antwon, Lakutis and Big Baby Gandhi, “Mama, I’m A Man”

Hot Sugar, Antwon, Lakutis and Big Baby Gandhi ride an impossible escalator in the video for “Mama, I’m A Man,” a standout track Hot “The White David Banner on the loop” Sugar’s excellent Man Made … read more »

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Stream: Shadowrunners f. Antwon, “143″

FADER PREMIERE Los Angeles duo Shadowrunners—Himself raps, Froskees makes the beats—are dropping an album October 15th. For new track “143,” they’ve teamed up with fellow Nature Boy collective member Antwon. The result’s a lot more … read more »

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Stream: Antwon, “Dark Denim (Sombear Remix)”

Antwon has a gift for making filthy-fun-times rap songs with people who don’t usually produce rap—Pictureplane, WALSH, Cities Aviv. This new remix, with a late-night desperation evocative of “Blinded by the Lights,” welcomes another newcomer … read more »

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Download Antwon’s In Dark Denim Mixtape

Valentine’s Day is an interesting release date for San Jose rapper Antwon’s latest mixtape, free via Greedhead: In Dark Denim is at once an antidote to the day’s lovey-dovey fare and embrace of people fucking, … read more »

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Video: Antwon, “Still Guarded”

Antwon is the heavyweight Oakland rapper whose videos for “Helicopter” and “Living Every Dream” have made him the most visible of the Bay Area’s communal DIY rap scene. “Still Guarded,” produced by Cities Aviv, is … read more »

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