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Apache Beat, “Tracing Sky” (Tezeo Remix) MP3

Possibly one of the weirder things to happen in music in the last couple years is the blending of new age smoothness and hard drums. When it’s done right, it starts to sound vaguely like … read more »

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Typical Girls

Stream: Typical Girls, “Our Real is Real”

Here’s the thing about music: Does it accumulate meaning the more you understand connections? Or do more associations pile on unnecessary baggage that isn’t actually connected to the song at all? Typical Girls is the … read more »

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Stream: FADER Radio with Some of Apache Beat on EVR 2/12/10

Last Friday on The Let Out (our weekly show on East Village Radio), FADER contributor Sam Richards stopped in (all the way from the UK) and Ilirjana Alushaj of Apache Beat also came through (all … read more »

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The Let Out on East Village Radio: Apache Beat

Tonight on the Let Out, the FADER’s weekly East Village Radio show, Ilirjana Alushaj of Apache Beat is going to roll through and hang. Plus maybe other special guests, because we record the show right … read more »

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Premiere: Apache Beat, “Your Powers Are Magic” (Boy Crisis Remix) MP3

The first time we heard this remix by Boy Crisis we were like, Um yeah awesome but when does the song start? Then we realized that we’d listened to it a bunch more times and … read more »

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Audio: Apache Beat, “Your Powers Are Magic”/”Tropics (CFCF Remix)”

Summer Lovers Unlimited has become one of our favorite labels in the last couple of years, blessing us with The Tough Alliance, Teenagers and Crystal Castles, just to name a few. They recently released another … read more »

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