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Stream a Long-Lost Aphex Twin Album, Caustic Window

There was a bit of a flurry a couple months back when a newly-discovered test vinyl of a mythic, long-lost album by English electronic music pioneer Aphex Twin showed up mysteriously on Discogs with the … read more »

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Kanye Banned Cover

Yeezy Taught You Well: Chris Rock + Aphex Twin

Presented essentially without comment: the strange, wonderful bedfellows of Kanye‘s “Blame Game”: the video for Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14,” which is the song’s sample, and the monologue Chris Rock delivers. Lyrics after the jump. Stream: … read more »

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If Warp Can Pry It Out Of His Hands, A New Aphex Twin Record Is Coming

Warp is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with several big gigs in London, New York, Tokyo and Paris, and have already revealed that Richard James — aka Aphex Twin — will be playing a show in the French Capital on May 9. But what about a new record? That’s coming too, just don’t ask when. read more »

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