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erika spring!

Interview: Erika Spring

We met the delightful Erika Spring at a café in Greenpoint, Brooklyn recently, both coincidentally dressed in floral prints. Spring’s self-titled EP—her first solo work, as opposed to her usual gig as a third of … read more »

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beautiful erika spring!

Erika Spring, “Hidden” MP3

Judging by her newest song, Au Revoir Simone’s illustrious lady dame Erika Spring would be the best person to hike with. With “Hidden” as our soundtrack, we’d talk about adventures we’d had, balance on big … read more »

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Interview: Air

In 1902, Georges Méliès made a movie about traveling to the moon. Obviously, at that point, nobody had actually been there, and, for all anybody knew, there were magical mushrooms, mysterious lagoons and frog-like aliens … read more »

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Au Revoir Simone, “Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)” MP3

Some light research shows the original version of this Au Revoir Simone song appeared on Grey’s Anatomy. The Aeroplane version might fit better on GREY’S ANATOMY PARTY HOUSE 3011 WHERE EVERYONE GETS FUNKY THE SEQUEL. … read more »

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Video: Au Revoir Simone, “Shadows” (not directed by David Lynch)

Late last week, a few sites reported that Au Revoir Simone‘s new video, which premiered Sunday at noon, was directed by creepy auteur David Lynch. And while that would’ve been exciting to see, it appears … read more »

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Au Revoir Simone, “Another Likely Story (Neon Indian RMX)” MP3

New theory: Neon Indian has a rickety old time machine built from ancient Ford Pinto parts. Rather than using it to send himself to, say, the Mesozoic or the beginning of America so he can … read more »

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Au Revoir Simone & Savoir Adore; Two NY Bands With French Names Who Want To Give You Free Music

Call this purely coincidental (or lazy journalism), but we decided to bring you the news that both Au Revoir Simone and Savoir Adore are giving away albums upon albums of their music for free. read more »

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Au Revoir Simone Announces New LP

In 2007, Brooklyn’s Au Revoir Simone seemed to be everywhere. The trio of Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart had just put out The Bird Of Music to wide critical acclaim, D’Angelo guested on the also critically acclaimed Boggs album Forts and they found themselves playing shows with the likes of Air and Peter, Bjorn and John. But aside from a remix album, the trio has been relatively quiet on the recording side of things — until now. read more »

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Au Revoir Simone – "Here Is The News" (ELO Cover)

One of our favorite beta sites these days is Buffetlibre Rewind, which hosts — legally mind you — a bunch of our favorite contemporary artists covering the “classics.” We’ve picked out three we liked (along with videos of the originals), but there are plenty more where those came from. read more »