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Videos: Erykah and Kelis Are Getting Buck

Erykah Badu and Kelis Rogers both released videos from their new albums this weekend, and their clips for “Window Seat” and “Acapella,” respectively, share common themes. Both are interpretations on previous works: Erykah cribs Matt … read more »

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Internet Hangover: Best Oscars of All Time

Every Monday, FADER editorial director Peter Macia will ease in to the work week by writing semi-extensively and somewhat incoherently about something that is making his head hurt. This week, his take on the 82nd … read more »

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The Report: The Largest Personal Undertaking Since Avatar

We’ve officially come full circle. If you were ever a fan of zines, tapes and/or music, then you are probably any person ever. But more specifically, you’re probably somewhere in your 20s or 30s, and … read more »

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Dedication: Neytiri, Princess of Omaticaya (from Avatar)

We haven’t seen Avatar yet, but we HAVE seen a disproportionate and somewhat disturbing amount of males we know Twittering about how Neytiri, Princess of Omaticaya (aka a completely computer generated character portrayed by Zoe … read more »

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