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Stream: Balam Acab “Ass Pop”

And here’s something completely different from Balam Acab who apparently has abandoned nature noises for the synthetic sounds of a dark and seedy club. Has the god of rainbows traded in water mixed with sunlight … read more »

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Lushlife f. Styles P, “Still I Hear The World Progress” (Balam Acab Remix) MP3

The first track from Lushlife’s upcoming debut LP, Plateau Vision, displayed some sunny vibes, but the releases that have followed show a progressively darker side. Last month he released “Still I hear The World Progress,” … read more »

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KP & Envyi, “Swing My Way (Balam Acab Remix)” MP3

Balam Acab dips into Atlanta’s double-time R&B canon again, reworking KP & Envyi’s wildly positive Friday night jam “Swing My Way.” The original, sampled on Charles Hamilton’s “Brooklyn Girls,” was produced by Lithonia, GA’s Mixzo … read more »

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Charli XCX, “Nuclear Seasons (Balam Acab Remix) MP3

Teenage Londoner Charli XCX says her euphoric “Nuclear Seasons” is about “surviving. It’s about being on your own and feeling magic alive when you come through the other side.” In this remix, her vocals make … read more »

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Interview: Balam Acab

Dreamy bedroom producer Alex Koone bka Balam Acab, wrestled himself out of Mechanicsburg, PA to truck it all the way up to the Big Apple for a live show at Le Poisson Rouge. He took … read more »

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Twin Sister, “Kimmi in a Rice Field (Balam Acab Remix)” MP3

Balam Acab adds a lot of bloopy blooms to this remix of Twin Sister’s “Kimmi in a Rice Field,” extracting all the epic ’80s synthy sweeps of the original, and planting singer Andrea Estella’s ethereal … read more »

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Download: Lana Del Rey, “Video Games” (Balam Acab Remix)

This morning, seemingly out of nowhere, my computer started playing Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” I sat there closing windows left and right trying to figure out from where this unprovoked stream was coming from. … read more »

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Videos: Balam Acab, “Motion,” “Apart” and “Welcome”

Last week researchers at Berkeley demonstrated a new way to not only read people’s thoughts, but reconstruct them in video. Here’s the experiment: you lie down in an MRI scanner and watch something, and they … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: August 28, 2011 Edition

** We glimpsed Aaliyah’s life via stories from Missy Eliottt, Kidada Jones and Method Man first published in our 2008 Icon Issue. We also re-upped DJ Caps’ Aaliyah U R Missed mix, a celebration of … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams” (Balam Acab Remix) MP3

Balam Acab doing his nature electronics thing to Sleep∞Over’s “Romantic Streams” is actually a much more obvious pairing than we could have imagined. It’s a given, at this point, that Balam Acab’s music is going … read more »

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