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Ghetto Palms 122: Chief Boima / Banana Clipz / Champeta!

Several things happened in the Ghetto Archipelago recently that caught my ear/mind. For instance: the University of the West Indies held a conference on cloud computing to float the idea of transforming the whole Caribbean … read more »

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Download Oro 11 and Chief Boima’s Banana Clipz EP

Last week we anticipated this seven song EP from Banana Clipz, a project from the sometimes-Oakland stationed production duo Oro 11 and Chief Boima. We also got a little stiff thinking about how pale we … read more »

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Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, “Afro Latino” MP3 + Mega-Mini Mix

As fans of our weekly Ghetto Palms column may know by now, Banana Clipz, the production duo of Chief Boima and Oro 11, have a new EP coming out on November 29th for free on … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 121: Wildlife! / Truck Back / Tun Up riddim

Another week, another killer ’90s throwback riddim coming exclusive from another one of my favorite production houses, um, trucks. Another field of heavy deejays touch down on one of the most audacious beats to come … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 119: Bounty Killer / Banana Clipz / Rita Indiana / Natalie Storm / Lionfish

It’s time again for headlines from the Ghetto Archipelago. Read on to find out the latest developments in dancehall, cumbia and other invasive species. Starting from the top of the globe and working down: The … read more »

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Delorean, “Stay Close (Banana Clipz RMX)” MP3

West Coast tropical party crew Banana Clipz—which includes our latest Pitch Perfect mixtape purveyor, Chief Boima and are also featured in this week’s Ghetto Palms)—decided the year’s best makeout song needed a coupé-décalé style kick … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 89: Jafrican Riddim / Banana Clipz

My pan-tropicalist sympathies are well established at this point, so y’all knew I wasn’t going to pass up any dancehall riddim with the negritude to call itself “Jafrican.” Urban Dictionary defines this neologism as “half … read more »

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