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Video: The Count & Sinden f. Bashy, “Addicted to You”

Just accidentally watched three trailers in a row for upcoming mumblecore films and almost barfed a little. Then watched this Count & Sinden video, which has a scene that’s inevitably in all three (and every … read more »

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Stream: The Count & Sinden’s Massive New Album

Last year British beat superstars The Count & Sinden had clubs worldwide screaming “MEGA! MEGA! MEGA!” in a robot voice like we were all about to storm Castle Greyskull, so it’s appropriate they named their … read more »

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Bashy Stars in Shank, aka the Movie of Our Dreams

UM. Apocalyptic near-future London under ruthless gangland siege? Young boy exerting bloodlusty revenge? In between said shanking, everybody rides motorcycles, wears facepieces and goes to raves all the time? Bashy the grime MC and that … read more »

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