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Black Dave Million Man March 3

Video: Black Dave, “Million Man March”

FADER PREMIERE Here’s New York rapper Black Dave’s new video for “Million Man March,” the bruising, heat-the-streets closer of his September tape, Black Bart. Brandon Kuzma directed the clip; Dave’s got crew-rallying shirts featuring the … read more »

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Video: Black Dave, “Bucket Low (Fuck It Tho)”

Black Dave, current posterboy for skateboarding NYC rappers, has already released two really compelling videos from his Stay Black mixtape, but spring brings us another in “Bucket Low (Fuck It Tho),” produced by Tom The … read more »

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Video: Black Dave, “Muthafuck! My Enemies”

A couple of weeks back we posted a stream of Black Dave’s “Muthafuck! My Enemies,” a song that very excellently built on the promise he showed in “On Da Map.” The video for “Muthafuck! My … read more »

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Stream: Black Dave, “Muthafuck My Enemies”

Back in November, we shared the fun, NYC-centric video for “On Da Map,” the debut track by pro-skateboarder-turned-MC Black Dave. His latest single, “Muthafuck My Enemies,” is less genial, with Dave rapping lines like Fill … read more »

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Video: Black Dave, “On Da Map”

Young New York rapper Black Dave has a Seinfeld poster on his bedroom wall. He spends this video skating around the city in a Knicks jersey to make a crucial delivery, pausing to rap in … read more »

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