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Eric Copeland Deconstructs Two Songs by Teenage Duo Dub Thompson

FADER PREMIERE On this new pair of remixes, New York freak-scene staple Eric Copeland puts his stamp on a couple of tracks by LA-bred newcomers Dub Thomspon. The duo, which includes teenagers Matt Pulos and … read more »

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Stream: RATKING and Eric Copeland of Black Dice, “GAUCHOS”

Converse is re-launching the CONS sneaker collection, the line of skate shoes your cool older brother may have worn in the ’90s. To celebrate, they’re releasing a compilation of original music, CONS EP VOL. 1, … read more »

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Freak Scene: Black Dice’s Album Beaches and Canyons Is Still Really Important

Depending on who you are, maybe you know Black Dice as that super weird band that opens up for Animal Collective sometimes. Maybe you remember them from their noisier, more organic roots, or maybe you’ve … read more »

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Interview: Black Dice

Fifteen years in, Black Dice have known many names. Band that picks fights with audience members. Pillar of early 2000s New York noise. Those fucking guys who always open for Animal Collective. Mindbending, confounding, mindbending, … read more »



Recently, I watched Xavier Beauvois’ very good movie, Of Gods and Men. It’s a narrative film based on a true story about nine Trappist monks living in Tibhirine, Algeria during the mid-’90s, when radical Islamists … read more »

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FADER Staff Selects on Spotify

FADER will soon be launching our app on Spotify, where you’ll be able to hear all the music we feature in our magazine. But we wanted a way to share with you all the stuff … read more »

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By The Numbers: Black Dice’s Mr. Impossible

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at Black Dice’s Mr. Impossible. It’s as poppy as Black … read more »

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Black Dice, “Pigs” MP3

For probably like 75% of readers of this site and I think everyone writing for it, Black Dice have been making/breaking music more than half of our lives. 15 years in, they’re releasing their sixth … read more »

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Eric Copeland, “UFO’s Over Vampire City” MP3

It’s cool that Eric Copeland from Black Dice is weird enough that he can make even a nostalgic throwback of a song sound fucked and sort of scary. Normally, we’re okay with it when new … read more »

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Stream: The Avalanches, “Since I Left You” (Stereolab Remix)

Chill out dudes, this isn’t new. Instead it’s been liberated from a 2002 promo-only record that sounds like it had some dust caked into the grooves. Whatever the case, in our memories ’02 was a … read more »

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